Email Market

Pediatric Web has partnered with an industry-leading email campaign company to bring you a new affordable way to keep your patients informed, raise your visibility and help to MARKET (get it?) your practice. Our Email Plus feature will be upgraded to Email Market, a robust, simple process to notify your patients and expand your patient base.

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With Email Market, your practice can:

Create and send stylish newsletters & announcements Upload your logo to one of our predesigned newsletter templates or we'll help you design a customized newsletter with the look and feel of your practice website. The newsletters are flexible and allow you to set up a variety of layouts.

Prepare your emails High volume email can be misinterpreted as spam. Our system utilizes industry-best practices, following the latest rules of permission marketing and opt-out requests. You'll be able to check for problematic email before you send it.

Personalize your emails Use first names and more, make your email compatible with blackberry, or set it up to send at a future date (e.g. send birthday wishes )

Track your results See real time totals for emails received, opened, clicked, forwarded, Store past newsletters or announcements in an online archive and easily link to past newsletters from your website

Save Money with Email Market

The cost to send notifications, newsletters and updates with Email Market is a fraction of the cost to send print mail.

  Newsletter by Print Mail * Newsletter by Email Market *
Printing (5,000) $2,350 $0
Mailing $1,300 $50
Total $2,650 $50

* Design and set-up fees not included